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October 18, 2010

Can I be the StanChart World's Coolest Intern? Internship from Standard Chartered, Singapore

This is : An attempt, A Try, A nomination for World's Coolest Intern Position

"Passion drives people, Passionate people drive ideas, Ideas drive Businesses" - Gaurav Sharma i.e. Me :p

My Introduction:

Hey I am Gaurav aka gaufire from India. I am an Engineer by Education, Investment Banker by Ex-Job, Social Media Person from Experience and Entrepreneur from Profession. I have 3 Social Media start ups under my name and I know what you digg, stumble or read! I know what catches your attention, what ads you click and why you click. Don't worry I don't have access to your Google Accounts and Search history but I am an Experienced Social Media Evangelist :))

Noble Traits in Me :

I am witty, humorous, internet savvy, internet savvy, internet savvy and a bit more internet savvy and these traits are bound in strong knit through my gifted smartness and intelligence.
I can analyze numbers and can come up with really good inferences and conclusions, thanks to my mathematician's brain, 4 years of engineering studies and investment banking job

Social Media & Business - I am their mutual friend:

If owning a twitter advertising company or a social media consulting company is not enough to prove the heading, send me a friend request on Facebook and test it! I gel really well with all the new and old social media platforms present in the world and can get any business and product the reach it demands for through these social networks.

Experience :

Founder, Online Media & Blogging Company - Age 15

Professional Blogger - Age 18

Among top 5 bloggers in India - Age 19

Co-Founder, Social Media consultancy - Age 20

Engineer - Age 21 and 1/3rd (Still a fresh Engineering Graduate)

Financial Analyst - Leading Investment Bank - Age 21 and half

Co-Founder, Social Gaming Company - Age 21 and half

Founder, Twitter Advertising Company - Age 21 and 3/4th

Do I fulfill StanChart's World's coolest Intern requirements?

1. Should be creative
Yes, I am!

2. Should know how to sell
You bet! Running profitable companies is all about this

3. Should have some knowledge about field StanChart work in i.e. Banking
Will Investment Bank Experience count? I think it should

4. Should have knowledge about in-outs of Social Media Marketing
Founder, Twtbuck - Twitter advertising through web, facebook and mobile. Good answer, Isnt it?

5. Should have good communication skills
I have conducted workshops for Microsoft, Opera, Mozilla, Social Issues. Author of over 21 blogs.

6. Knowledge of SEM, SMO and SEO ?

Yes I have good experience of Search Engine Marketing, Social Media optimization and Search engine optimization

7. What am I doing these days?

I left my job at an Investment bank just to follow my passion by residing full confidence in my knowledge of basics of social media and to start a social gaming company of my own.

Now its time to leverage my social contacts, my internet skills and own advertising network to spread the word about it. Hope the word will reach to StanChart World's Coolest Intern Selection team too and they will give me this great once in a lifetime opportunity !! :))

Last but not the least, Its no fun if there is no competition, so why don't you try for the same internship

Read about it http://breeze.standardchartered.com/blog (StanChart Breeze Blog for World's Coolest Internship)

Gaurav Sharma
Fresh Engineering Graduate from India
Applicant , StanChart's World's Coolest Intern

---Application for The World’s Coolest Intern (to join the hottest mobile banking team) - standard chartered, Singapore--

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  1. AWESOME.....Thats what u call Live Your Dream....

  2. wohhh ! real impressive dude !!
    i feel lyk making u my iDol jst by readng ur resume.......keep it up !!

  3. @Harshobit : Thanks for posting your comment on StanChart's World's Coolest Intern post.

  4. heights of awesomeness!!!
    u only deserve to be the Stanchart world's coolest intern.
    all d best :)

  5. Awesome! You will do a good job, I'm sure. Go ahead, spread your wings and surprize them with your talent (as you surprized me) and make us proud :)

  6. @ Aditi : Wow!! Your comment means alot to me.Thanks alot :))

  7. welll i dnt understand wt shd i say....i hv jst entrd 21...n hv dn nthng(after reading dis)...cn u jst shower ur li'l talent upon me........really....HATTS OFF!!!

  8. Thanks Anchra for your comment..your comment is really encouraging will definitely help me get this internship:))

  9. OMG!!..such a brilliant and encouraging profile..gr8!!..u deserve d best..gud luck:)

  10. now dats the perfect fit for WORLDS COOLEST INTERN

  11. Very impressive...
    your achievements are truly inspiring... You should get the intern ...

  12. you deserve to win!!

  13. "Nothing is more honorable than a grateful mind."

    i think, No one Can deny da fact dat u r a genius personality ,gifted wid good brain....

  14. Thanks alot Didi... :)) Hope I got this internship..

  15. man this guy is awesome.....soooooo many achievements.....amaaazzing....give him the internship.....

  16. Hey Rohan...!!..so we meeting after so long through this medium...Give u a call some time in the night...thanks mate!!

  17. I can't imagine even in the wildest of my thoughts,the reason y u won't b selected...............
    All d veryyyyy best............
    U r a genius.........

  18. Achievements very well deserved I can say! Kudos Bro! Hope you get this internship.. It'll add one more spectacular achievement to your already impressive resume! :)

  19. Thanks alot andy for your encouraging words :)

  20. Do you happen to know how do winners get notified? You definitely have what it takes to become the coolest intern. The competition has brought together the best and the brightest in their fields and it's just amazing to see how people respond to it. Best of luck to both of us!

  21. Way to go! We did it, we did it to top 23! See you on the Top 10. I guess all our hard works are starting to pay off. :)