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October 18, 2010

4-step Social Bookmarking to 10,000 visitors a day

Social bookmarking is an essential tool for us all bloggers and webmasters to spread the word about our new posts across the globe through number of social bookmarking websites/services.

Social bookmarking gives you two major benefits :
1. It pings internet users and search engines about your update
2. It gives you a backlink that helps you get up the order in search results especially in case of google.

The tricks I use while writing a post ( keeping in mind social bookmarking performance of the post) are :

1. If I am writing on any of my network blogs, I search for latest trends in the field related to my blog's niche..say I have a gadgets blog and iPad is the hot topic. So make sure you write about it for next few posts. Just concentrate on this very topic and it pays really well. You get good ads, good number of visitors and good number of votes on social bookmarking sites.

2. If you can attach a controversial comment around your blog post , you are a genius and gold digger. For example, 10 reasons to not to buy an iPad. This will make whole world to check your blog post first and then go to some other place to read about 100 reasons to buy an ipad.

3. You may automate your social bookmarking work with some of the services available on internet. I would suggest you to use Edwin's BookMarking Demon (Which automates both social bookmarking and also automates comment posting about your new update in blogs related to your blog topic)

4. Having an image in your post works really well. A hot girl image is all time favorite for me.

5. Use your tags and categories really well on sites like Reddit or Stumbleupon. Because if the category you choose is too the point, you can sit back and enjoy thousands and thousands of hits in a day.

Top 4 social bookmarking websites in (Bestest to Good order)

1. Reddit
2. Stumbleupon
3. Digg
4. Delicious

If you want to add something more to it, please leave a comment or send in your post to me.

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