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October 18, 2010

Google partners with Standard Chartered to give every applicant $100

After my last post (my application for standard chartered's World's Coolest Intern), I am breaking yet another awesome fact about Standard Charted's World's coolest intern program.
If you are applying for standard chartered's World's Coolest intern program, you will get S$100 to promote your blog post, video or anything related to StanChart's World's Coolest intern contest through google adwords.

Here the steps as follows :

Here’s how you can use Google knowledge and training while using S$100 to push your World’s Coolest Intern application further in the digital world.

  1. Step One: In response to your twitter direct message we will send you a Google AdWords code to redeem S$100 along with Google’s AdWords training material.
  2. Step Two: Log on to the Google AdWords platform for training and to redeem S$100.
  3. Step Three: Create display and keyword ads to promote your application.

For Demo Completed application, Check this application of StanChart's World's coolest intern early contenders

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