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December 18, 2010

Friendoly - Air Travelers Social Network

How many times you have got bored at airport? Talking about myself, I get bored every time.
How many times you feel like talking to girl/guy seating to beside you on the flight? For me, It always happens.

What about having a services that connects you with your fellow travelers - People who will be on your flight and people who will be there at the airport. You can talk, share lunch, go for a smoke or may be coffee. You can make friends, you can spread business or else you can solve your core issue of boredom-at-airport or boredom-on-flight.

Friendoly, India's first Aero social network, is out in the market with solution to all such problems.
How to use friendoly to meet fellow travelers :

1. Sign Up to the account - Register or Use direct facebook login (no registration required)

2. Update your profile. It wont take more than 1 minute because its a simple and to the point profile i.e. Your name, Age, What are you here for on friendoly, What would you like to do - Talk over coffee, share beer, have smoke or lunch etc and about you

3. Upload a pic

4. If you have a ticket booked, just share you travel details - Flight number, Date, From, To and Time

5. If there are other people traveling on same flight or will be going to some other place from same airport on same date and around same time - You will see suggestions on your home page.

6. Single click any name and send friend request. Once friend request is accepted, proceed with you plans to meet up at airport or on the plane or check-in together...I mean whatever after that. Friendoly has done its work of connecting you :)

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