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November 18, 2010

Thanks to World's Coolest Supporters of World's Coolest Intern

Say Hi to Jackie and Me - We are here to thank our supporters :)

Finally 1 day left for campaigning for WCI Title and I am feeling proud of my strong army of school friends, college friends, office friends, business partners and mentors. We made a great team and would love the group chats, looonnnng facebook message threads, emails, calls, tweets and DMs.

To be frank, I was notified about this very opportunity by my friends only. I got some 10 mails from friends asking me to apply for this opportunity because they believe in me and know me more than I know myself. It was great to see that couple of clients also mailed me about the opportunity. My team members at my startups supported me by promising no loss of work if I concentrate on campaigning for my name for World's coolest intern title.

From Day 0 - Content was gathered, strategy was made, team mates were mailed reminders.

Day 1 : The application post was posted and S$100 were granted for Google Adwords ( Really thankful to GOOGLE) . Now its time to create a media plan and write some ad copies for spreading it across the Google Network.

I gave great importance to Search Engine Optimization of the post and did both offsite and onsite SEO of the post. To get my application up the search results, I also got a press release done for my application. Thanks to couple of network blog authors like Gauadmission, Atblogs, Iitdreams blog and few more helped me to create link baits to my application. No need to mention, all the social networking websites and social bookmarking websites were used to spread the word about the application. And 1 day down the line, my application was in top among all other applications.

I used Google Adwords but in the early stage of the competition, I figured out that the motto or challenge is not to get people on my application and support it but get carriers for my application who will take it to others and spread the word across their network. Hence I headed to Twtbuck with a mere budget of $5 and created 5 campaigns. And quickly, I got over 980 hits on my application and hundreds of retweets.

Getting selected to Top 10 finalists was the best birthday gift that anyone could have given me. And we celebrated Diwali, Selection to my WCI Top 10 and my birthday in great manner. My birthday cake quote read "Happy birthday to Gaurav - #WCITOP10" :) My grandmother looked to happiest person when I told her that if I get selected I will go Singapore. She gave her priceless blessings to me.

During the day of my hirevue interview, my parents paid visit to temple to pray for me...love mummy and papa :) I know your wishes will definitely come true:)

I would now like to mention everyone here who helped me during my journey to #WCI TOP 10 and going by confidence and self-believe to WCI Title :

I thank Mr RK Sharma(Father), Mrs. Ranjana Sharma (mother), Ms. Ammrita Sharma (sister) and My grandmother for all the support, kind words and all the interest shown. You are getting the big chunk of $30,000 that I gonna make next year in Singapore :)

Shubham Sharma - @shubhamsharma92 (By Cousin & Engineering Student) is like my general of my army. I made sure that if I am sleeping for some time, he kept the tweets and likes flowing on twitter and facebook. His brilliant creative tweets definitely raise the standard of my nomination and would have put a great pressure on supporters of other #WCITOP10. He is my very good friend and cousin brother and I really thank him to be there with me from the Day 0 and getting that delicious WCITOP10-cum-Birthday cake for me. :))
When the task of Video making came, I was travelling without internet connection on my laptop and a blackberry phone. Hence I contacted him with my ideas about the video..He didnt know how to make presentations on MS Office so he took all the instructions from me over phone..Discussed the content and photos (picked up from my facebook profile) and created the video just in time. Thanks for the matching music track Infinity.

He has given me a long list of gifts he want me to get him from Singapore. And @Stanchartbreeze also knows that ..right??

Mr. Prabhu ( Ex-Technical Architect, Goldman Sachs and Internet Savvy ) - This guy is Mr. Dependable . He is techie to core and throughout the campaign was updating his Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz with support messages for me. Salute you man for all your help and ideas :)

Lukaz @VeyronPL (Twtbuck User) can be considered as the Retweet Machine and he helped cover whole Twitter with Gaufire when it comes to #wci

Ashit Jain @Ashitjain - He handled my university level promotions and even posted posters on notice boards in the university. Thanks mate. If I win #WCI , I will sponsor their student magazine for one year.

Shella Sharma, Rajat , Angle Thakur - BIG THANKS TO YOU GUYS FOR SPECIALLY CREATING A BLOG AND TWITTER ACCOUNT JUST TO SUPPORT ME. You guys will definitely get awesome gifts when I return form Singapore.

SravanKumar(Consultant, KPMG) , Aditya (Engineer) and Sourabh Malhotra (Ex-Senior Financial analyst, UBS Investment Bank)- Thanks for your tweets and support on facebook

Aditi @adicrazy (Advertising professional, Media Planner for big companies as well as my #WCI campaign and Author) - Hey BIG Thanks to you for your tweets, congratulatory calls on getting selected to top 20 and top 10 of WCI. So our media plan really worked well. And I told you that my Twbtuck will defeat all your other ad networks :P Will be in touch with you from Singapore to help Breeze harness your talent through me (Hope #BBBM reading this )

I would like to thank Teams of Vinnex, Twtbuck and Atblogs for your support and taking work off my shoulders during this time period...As you have promised that you won't neglect work in my absence, I am all set to go to Singapore :))

Singapore embassy increased my confidence when they told I am eligible for Singapore visa and if I get stanchart world's coolest intern letter , I ll get my visa in just 7 days. Hence thanks to Singapore Government also :)

In my campaign, few doctors also contributed despite being badly non-techie and away from Social Media (does this show my inspiring powers ) - Thanks Priya(After you bought your smartphone, I think you also are a bit techie), Nimisha and Rohan (I think you are techie)

I would like to thank all twtbuck publishers who gave me a reach to over 1 million twitter users in no time. :)

Last but not the least, thanks to the top WCI finalists (actually 9 excluding me) for taking up the level of competition every passing moment and coming up with some really great tricks and tips of social media. Hey StanChart Breeze, I have learned them all :)

Thank you to Breeze Team for coming up with this well designed and well managed event, no matter what will be the result on 20th Nov 2010. I will always remember this experience and will refer people to Breeze App :)

May the best candidate wins the World's Coolest Intern Title!! Amen!!

Leaving You with Some Pics that will show I am pro-Social, Cool yet Professional hence I deserve to be the World's Coolest Intern

I am Cool, I like Shades, Guitar and Poses

I love to keep smiling and visit new places

I can play any role...any role you say

I am a family guy and celebrate success and happiness with my family

I am a core professional too - And that increases my coolness

Where is the party? I am a party lover - Be it a product launch or success party


  1. whhooooaa!!..i nvr xpctd my name 2 b der in thanks list..u r really an asset 2 d world f social media..God bless u:)..u 'll surely gonna win