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January 19, 2011

Twtbuck's case study for Affiliate Marketers - Make $3600 in 1 month

People normally ask for what businesses Twtbuck is most helpful. We have found that twtbuck can work wonders for businesses where online sales or lead generation or sign ups are core part of business like Affiliate marketing(sales), Jobs, Travel, Daily deals, Coupons etc
We are starting a case study series for all these industries/markets to explain the role of Twtbuck and results that came after experimenting Twtbuck in each individual case.

Lets start with affiliate marketing :
Affiliate marketing is nothing but selling stuff online and earning the commission associated with it. Huge number of affiliate marketers are doing this to earn decent amount of money from Affiliate marketing. Normally the process involved is :
1. Select an affiliate product network like commission junction or clickbank. We tried Clickbank.
2. Select couple of products you want to market and create sales
3. Create a microsite, blog and fill related content and insert the affiliate links.
4. Use PPC to get targeted hits and create sales

Alright,  so we selected 5 products from clickbank with gravity score over 100. To begin with we started an advertiser account with $100 and created a total of 15 campaigns for those 5 products i.e. 3 tweet ad copies for each products. And set CPT ( cost per tweet) to a maximum of $0.10

All the accounts were active and publishers started tweeting those ads. We continued this experiment for around 3 weeks and 3 days, spent almost $350 in ads and generated a total revenue of around $3600
Earned $3300 from Twtbuck how?

Once campaigns were up and running, we did nothing. All the $3600 plus came on its own. Our money and Twtbuck earned for us.

So if you are an affiliate marketer, try giving a shot to Twtbuck because it works really well when it comes to creating affiliate sales.

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