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November 17, 2010

Let your product shout out loud with 8-steps social media strategy

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Hi, I am writing this post as my contribution towards StanChart's Breeze World's Coolest Intern Competition. I am glad that I made it to top 10 finalists and would definitely want to win this crown.

For last 8 years, I am learning about how internet and internet users are connected and about their behavior. How users react to different things on internet which makes services and websites an overnight success or an epic fail

Through my start-ups in the field of Social media consulting, internet property, social gaming and twitter advertising , I think I have come a long way ahead from those initial internet days and I am in position to write an article that will help companies to optimize, strategize and analyze their social media marketing campaigns.

1. Start with setting up product timeline and support blog

The first thing that comes in my mind when I talk about product blog or support blog is Google. They way they have maintained their product blogs is a benchmark everyone should look up to.
A product timeline and support blog caters to all the peripheral queries that people doing on search engines while searching something related to your product.

For breeze, it will be something like how to send e-cheque, how to save money for my wishlist, app for managing money etc

If you are using cpanel, use FAQs or Wordpress blog present in fantastico to enjoy 1-click setup

2. A Lively and engaging Facebook Page and Facebook App

Facebook has access to over 500 million internet users. Having said internet users, they are people who also form markets for different products or services. I can easily say those 500 million users are potential customers for any bank. Hence engaging Facebook users through creative competitions and applications is like one of the best things you have done in your life.

A facebook page can also backfire in terms of negative comments but the admin of Facebook page should be capable enough to handle those negative comments smartly.

3. Twitter Profile and Twitter Badges

No prize for guessing, Dell has understood the potential of twitter for business at its best. Twitter is mode to reach millions in fraction of second. Here you say we have launched it, and there you will have thousand's of people using your product. Business/Product should spread its twitter account to every possible place. Be it a website, TV ad, Magazine Ad or Newspaper ad

Putting twitter feed of your account on your website adds to SEO of the website and Google Bots would love to come back again and again to your site as it will get new and fresh data from Twitter feed (Something people don't know)

4. Viral Videos and Product help videos

I A viral video need not be funny always but videos supporting social causes connect people to the product and that feeling of connection drive both the product and its auto marketing through word of mouth.

Product help videos are again related to the connection with customer. A ready to use support material in the form of Help Video develops customer loyalty and goodwill for the company.

5. Social Bookmarking

For last 4 months I have done great amount of work on optimizing Social Bookmarking.
Social Bookmarking works only when you have following three things set in place

  • Heading should be keyword rich and should create suspense and curiosity
  • Tags which are in use i.e. Trending tags should be used
  • Get good image for thumbnail

In preference/performance order, the top social bookmarking sites are :

6. Advertise in Facebook and Twitter

Keyword targeted ads on Facebook and Twitter have given better results than contextual ads on ad networks like Google or Adbrite.

I used Twtbuck and Google Adwords for spreading word about my WCI application. I spent $68 on Google Adwords for search and content ad network and spent $5 on twitter.

As a result, I got 130 hits from google ads and over 980 hits from Twitter. Hence, keyword targeted advertising on social media platforms like twitter really works.

7. Blogposts as Link Baits

Keyword reach blogposts with 3 links (maximum) targeting to your product site work wonders for any business. They not only bring visits to your product site but also increases the visibility of your product on the internet and acts like votes for your product.

8 Use LinkedIn - Don't Miss It - You Miss It, You lose alot

Company should get all its people on LinkedIn at any cost. Businesse social networking is prefect definition for LinkedIn and Product can showcased to different businesses on LinkedIn itself.

I am Gaurav Sharma, Co-Founder,Vinnex Games and Founder, Twtbuck.com and among top 10 finalists for World's Coolest Intern Competition. I am developing number of DIY Social Media Marketing tools and in case you want to consult me on anything related to SEO,SEM or SMO or DIY SMO (Do-It-Yourself Social Media Optimization) , please feel free to ask at infogaufire@gmail.com

If you have something to add to this post, please leave a comment. I will add to it with a link to your service/blog/website

Thanks StanChart Breeze team for organizing such a great event and helping us rediscovering our creativity, skills, potentials and making new friends. Hope to join you in Singapore next year January :)

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