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October 13, 2010

4 reasons why v4 is a bad son of v3 Digg

I was shocked and angry when I saw Digg v4. I am shocked and angry when I see number of diggs on my blog going down just because its no more like its father THE V3 Digg - Simple and meaningful.

Present V4 Digg is meaning less. I am visiting Digg these days just because its Digg which used to be great social bookmarking tool infact the father of Social Bookmarking which gave birth to hundreds and thousands of clones of Diggs running successfully these days but sadly its own son v4 Digg disappointed the web citizens.

Four Reasons why v4 is a bad son of v3 Digg :

1. It is full on full useless when it comes to traffic generation. You check any big portal/website, number of facebook likes, stumpleupon likes, buzzes etc runs in 100s and diggs are sometimes 1 or at best 10.

2. Its confusing. Its confusing and why the hell its so confusing.

3. Where are my friends on Digg, I know they are here on Digg...but where? No urge to contact them anymore because communication on v4 is painful.

4. Digg v4 ads..No!! No!! No!! - Make them meaningful and targeted else they are useless for your users and money waste for advertisers

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