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October 14, 2010

Microsoft gets intimate with Facebook

Microsoft online services president Qi Lu and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg speak in the Galileo Auditorium on Microsoft’s Silicon Valley Campus in Mountain View on Wednesday. Microsoft began rolling out a new feature on Wednesday that can show what someone’s Facebook friends “like” on the search results page.
As the search deal between Microsoft and Facebook (remember the Microsoft's $240 million deal for 1.6% stake in Facebook) is coming to an end next year, Microsoft suddenly realized they haven't got anything out of it except 1.6% share of Facebook's profit in last 3 years which can be of the range $50-60 million.

So now what? How to get something out of the deal? - Here is the answer - Giving users results from Facebook because most the internet users don't give shit about any website except Google and Facebook. Knowing this fact, Bing (Microsoft) from now on will embed Facebook data into their search results to target people searching for other people. This people search accounts for total 4% of total searches made online. Do you think, this strategy will make Microsoft to get some gains on their huge investment in Facebook.

I feel that Bing should get benefit from this move because this will the best thing Bing will have for its users as its search otherwise sucks hardcore.

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