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July 08, 2008

Chandigarh Blogger Meet : A promising Start to something big

Hi!! Myself Gaurav Sharma ,Organizer, Chandigarh Blogger Meet'08. A meet that was aimed at bringing together bloggers of Haryana-Punjab-Himachal to beautiful city Chandigarh for the first time.Already seen and attended various conferences, meets , workshops etc on Blogging,Social Media and Web2.0 Technologies in Bangalore , Hyderabad and Gurgaon..I decided to organise something similar for bloggers of 'my region' [bit of regionalism:P] . And to launch the mission , i firstly thought of making a website for the event and later contacted Indiblogger . So they helped me in spreading the word for blogger meet. Even after using Orkut,Blogs and word of mouth...i couldn't get the required response.I was about to cancel the event but thankfully Shanker Bakshi [Truely God sent!!] saved the meet by giving a helping hand and arranging meeting venue. Mr. Rajesh ,though not a blogger but i really appreciate his views and help he put forward during the meet.So on 6th of July,2008 we finally gathered at Hotel KC Residency [KC Residency is located at Sec 35 - B at 6 kms from Chandigarh Airport and 7 kms from Railway Station, Hotel KC is located in the heart of Chandigarh.]
It was raining hard in chandigarh but still quoting from Jasdeep's Blog

"The rain was pouring outside and the bloggers started to pour in too”

Bloggers started coming in and there where 12 people in the meeting room ,couple of waiters serving snacks and coffee and later A reporter from Hindustan joined in to cover the event.

Here is the attendance list :
The founder members i.e. Above Listed bloggers discussed on various issues related to blogging,internet media ,Social Responsibilities of Bloggers ,Exchanged Business ideas and shared tips which they have learn during their time span in blogging.The team has decided and pledged to take this community to greater heights in coming future and the work has already started.
ChandigarhBloggers.com will be up and functional in coming days and A group on BlogCatalog namely Chandigarh Bloggers is really active in the direction of bringing Chandigarh Bloggers community to same stage or level as that of Bangalore Bar Camps or DelhiBloggersBloc enjoying right now. I am always in for this mission. The meet got press coverage from hindustan times .
Best wishes for the community.Would love to see this community grow:))
So I am leaving you with some snaps from the meet.Hope to cya in the next meet.

chandigarh blogger meet

chandigarh blogger meet
chandigarh blogger meet
chandigarh blogger meet
chandigarh blogger meet
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  1. :(
    Seems I missed a lot!
    Koi na there's always a next time..
    Btw..if you want I can get you an original photo of KC Residency
    (Google karne ki jaroorat nahi!)

  2. yaaa...u missed a lot!! chal hope to cya in next meet..:))
    N regarding KC pic...its ok..i some how manged

  3. Thanks Gaurav for putting up the snaps and newspaper clip. I didn't managed to get that paper :(

  4. Nice round up Gaurav.Thanks for sharing pics too..

  5. i think i missed it too...but a nice step taken by u..hope to meet in the next blog meet...but don't forget to inform!!!

  6. Thanks preeti and jasdeep
    But for pics its all Shanker Bakshi's Facebook album;)

  7. @ munish : yups dude...surly gonna inform you...n hope to cya then..most probably next meeting is scheduled 2-3 months from now..

  8. I remember a piece of Urdu literature which i read..it translates to-
    "When an Eagle sores high and fast and a gust of wind opposes it, it is only Natures way of telling the eagle to fly higher and faster.."
    Having been an auxiliary (sort of)
    part of CBM 08 , hats off to Gaurav for having got this through finally...
    Its my humble request to all who couldn't make it, to grace the next round of the same..
    With all credit to Gaurav again
    I congratulate you all for the success...

  9. Thanks-a-latte Pranav... :))

  10. no, missed it this time.. sorry shanker couldn't make it this time but will try my best next time....

  11. hey... hope you still remember me.
    :) i just want you to know.. that i think you are doing a good job out there. Keep it up.