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July 09, 2008

Convert Word to CHM - Doc To CHM - Create HTML Help from Word - Create ebook from Word

Convert Word to CHM, Doc To CHM, Create HTML Help from Word, Create ebook from Word
For so long i was looking for making a HTML Help e-book for my college projects.I wanted to convert my word pages of the project report into an e-book but not PDF file.So this powerful software came my help.Getting impressed by this software i am sharing it with you.
A powerful CHM creator/generator helping you to create professional HTML help. Convert Word document (.doc, .rtf, .htm, etc.) to perfect HTML help or CHM e-book without any HTML or CHM skills. Make CHM file in seconds with a single click. Keep the format/style/layout (include images and tables) of the original Word document. Create topic tree according to the outline of the Word document.

Word-2-CHM include many unique features:

1) Create page header/footer as in the Word document.
2) Create page navigator and related topics.
3) Convert cross-reference (include bookmark) to hyper-link.
4) Add index entries to CHM index.
5) Command line and project supports, and much more.

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