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May 20, 2008

SEO supportive changes in Blogger.com

I would like to thank google for coming up a much awaited change in the blogger post pages layout which is SEO effective and supportive.Now,title of the blog posts will be the page title not the blog name.This will help search engines in indexing the pages more accurately and specifically good for searchers.
This change will help you go to perfect search solution of your's by reading the title of blog post in search results only
So if you have searched for "save your orkut account from hacking" you will not go to gaufire.com 's orkut hacking post but to safeguard your orkut account of gaufire.com

Secondly Pictures can also have hyperlinks now.This is again a effective SEO supportive step .This will give bloggers another way of generating links for their other links,or offering links on paid basis or in any way they can use this offer.

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