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June 02, 2007

Save your Orkut account from Getting Hacked!!

Normally if a person by anyhow gets password of your Yahoo mail or Gmail,which you normally keeps as your primary mail address in your orkut account, the person can hack your Orkut account too...with in 1 minute.....That is by simply using your USER ID and clicking on 'forget password in Orkut login page.This way google will send link to the already hacked primary email id to change the password of the orkut account.....hence the email hacker will change your orkut account's password too..hence your Orkut account hacked too....

So the only solution is to keep a very unknown or useless email id of urs as primary email id.....[You can make such ID with us at GaufireMail™] .....so that if so the hacker clciks on 'Forgot password' the password changing link goes to an unknown email Id ie not known to the hacker..hence your Orkut account saved...

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  1. hey gaurav Nidhi dis side...came across ur profile on orkut n took d privelege 2 visit ur bolgs ...well quite impressed by d stuff u hav provided on hacking 8 such a young age.
    gud wrk keep it up

  2. thanks-a-latte!!came across ur comment after 1 year..:))