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May 18, 2008

Download Gaufire.com Toolbar to keep yourself updated

Ever wanted your own toolbar, maybe you have a website or blog and want to offer a toolbar to your fellow users so that they can keep up to date with latest posts or pages. Well a website called Conduit can help.

You create your toolbar online for free by simply adding widgets to a bar, you then change the widget settings. The whole service is free and the company even hosts it on their server with a dedicated page to you, you even get to choose from a list of subdomains. Not only this, but they also provide you with images to put on your site or blog so that users can simply click it and get your toolbar, as you can see on GaufireSpeaks Weblogs:Tech Blog we have one to the left.

Our toolbar offers you links direct to this blog, all my other blogs and websites, all my RSS feeds, a scrolling area which gives you a list of all the posts available as well as an email checker which notifies you when you get a new email, a weather checker which tells me what the whether is like in my nearest city and not forgetting a search feature which is very handy as whenever you highlight something on a page it appears in the search box, you can then add your own logo to the search page (where the Google logo is normally), and you can even set it to search your blog instead of Google.
You can create yours now at www.conduit.com, or you can download Gaufire Toolbar


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