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January 25, 2008

Take Wallpaper/Pic from the Running Video/Movie

I normally get emails and messages that i should also provide some easy instant tricks for technically bit retard [No offense], so hereby I am starting this new section of Computer@Ease Series for all those who really want to learn from basics.Sorry for the bigtime computer savvvy this series may be sounding lame and lousy to you but we have to spread the knowledge right...so contribute and co-operate/////Please/////

Ok, so to start with lets fulfill one of your age old dream to get some scence/instant of your favorite music video or movie as your Wallpaper.....Right???

So simple trick goes as follows:

Play the video and stop it at the instant which you want as your wallpaper.
Maximize the screen
Press Alt plus Prnt Scrn button in your laptop
Open Paint Application
Press Cntrl Plus V or simply paste using Right Click and then Paste option
Now you are ready with your requisite wallpaper,edit it and save it.
From the FILE tab only select it as your Screen Background.

Thats it!!!

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