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January 31, 2008

Stop annonying time taking programs on Windows Start Up

+To stop annoying and time taking programs on Windows Start Up

Go to Run

Type in Msconfig ...following window of System Configuration will appear..[see image below]

Click on Start Up tab

ok,now you will find some good number of Programs list there with Check boxes beside each program.

Uncheck the 3rd party programs like Yahoo messenger,adobe or some antivirus or Gtalk or any other software.

Thats it!!Restart your computer....And here comes a fresh and fast windows start up without any bugging held ups!!

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  1. hey gaurav.bro
    As per d topic"Stop annonying time taking programs on Windows Start Up"

    I came across one program"Mixer"..
    I am not knowing whether or not removing that app. will affect d system or not.

    Plz mail me back.

    Secondly,I am now addicted with the posts in your blog.They are really helpful and the tricks are Mindblowing :D...
    U rock bro ..and the other 3 guys who are involved with you.U guys rock.CHEERZ!!!!!