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January 19, 2008

Add Google Adsense ads in the post + before the post + after the post title and heading

The best way of making most of Google Adsense is to place your google ads in the content and preferably between the post heading and post content.It makes the ads more specific and click-inviting hence your CTR improves,consequently few more extra dollars add up in your account
So,i am giving you a simple method to do so ie ADD GOOGLE ADSENSE IN THE BLOG POST, being more precise Between the HEading and Post content/body.
Go to Template section of your blog [in Blogspot/Blogger]
Click on Edit HTML and Follow the pic as given below

[Sorry !! The blogger doest allow XML codes to be published as it is...so using a GIF image to explain....Click on the image to see full large image]

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