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October 17, 2010

Reddit.com lost the opportunity - The OWL is their true mascot

#The post has taken CWG Delhi 2010 as Theme of Discussion

Last night I used Reddit to bookmark few posts of mine and some random stuff I found on internet and was quite impressed with the kind of traffic it generated for me in a quick time. The numbers made reddit a gold medalist with Stumbleupon and digg bagging silver and bronze medals respectively but hang on a minute, the performance of our gold medalist in not consistent. It was down due to load of users last night and its down due to load of users now. What if this is my last bookmark of the life, what if I want to bookmark Goodbye world I am dying, I think I will have to wait till their mascot OWL goes off and shows the actually reddit.
I suspect that good performance with lack of consistency is due to consumption of banned drugs, hence I am taking back their gold medal out of suspicion. Twice 3 hour long downtimes in 12 hours is really irritating.

The Reddit lost the opportunity of winning this Social Bookmarking Gold, all blame goes to their OWL , their mascot

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