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October 17, 2010

Bid for Domain 'EarnDigital.com' - Price starts at $100

A SEO friendly domain name 'EarnDigital.com' is on sale and you can bid for it by leaving your bid value as comment. The base price for the bid is $100 and you can bid only in the multiples of $5.

Own the domain www.Earndigital.com for your online business, for your blog or for your website or for your affiliate business.

The bidding closes on 30th Oct

On-spot sale of domain : $2500 (Domain is submitted to over 1,000 directories and numerous network websites of GaufireMedia)


  1. My bid $105.

    May I know when will the bidding end??

  2. Lets finalize the deal..


    Contact us on our site if you are fine with the bid.

  3. Thanks Godaddy for offer..but i'll wait till 30th oct