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September 30, 2008

Lets spread firefox - Help us improve the firefox

Being Campus Rep for mozilla firefox its my duty to spread the word for firefox and encourage people to download it.But that doesn't mean Firefox is to be downloaded just for the sake of friend's/teacher's/cousin's etc etc request,but you should download it and use it after fully understanding why its better than other browsers and how much inputs Mozilla Firefox team pumping in to make your internet experience more and more safe,secure and swift.For that we need to take time to feedbacks from our worthy users.
So please take out some 5-10 minutes and fill up this really' usefull for us' survey to make Firefox the best.
We have aimed the questions primarily towards Firefox users, but if you are not currently using Firefox, we are still very interested in your feedback. We will be publishing the aggregate results, but will not hold or publish any personal information.

Take the survey now and make Firefox the best

Get Firefox 3!

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