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September 29, 2008

An attempt to challenge Google's monoply-Starting my second life

I am writing this to all my loyal readers and 900 plus email subscribers that two months back when Google Robots blocked my blog for some post on Rapidshare and all that without giving a prior warning or whatever , it was a total heart break rather it seemed someone has taken my goal,my mission ,a piece of my heart away from me.But I think after these 2 long months I am getting back to blogging again.And need your support and love the same way you been giving me for last 1and 1/2 years. I request you to please forward or suggest this blog to your friends/colleagues etc in order to take on Google's monopoly.Note:This is not at all a publicity stunt or something but I am just speaking my heart out.No matter Gaufire.com gets readers or not,I gonna write regular on it for the sake of my interest in blogging and to payback for whatever blogging has given me.
Thanks and keep visiting/commenting :))


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