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June 13, 2008

GML Launches Gblogs Blog Network to monetize your blogs-Join Now

Make your blog more professional and get chance to do blogging for corporates and publish your blog posts in blogger magazine.Join Us
Be a proud Gblogger Today.Limited Vacancies.HURRY!!

What is Gblogs Blog Network?
Bloggers can come under this single banner to directly come in the eyes of advertisers , marketers and agencies to help you and your blog making some monetary benefits of blogging.Blogs under GaufireMediaLabs Blog Network will be Known as Gblogs and respective bloggers as Gbloggers.The best part,being a part of Gblogs we will take care of the SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION of your blog to increase your traffic etc. Your earnings from your blog's adspace will zoom up.You will have 3 streams of income through your blog as discussed in advantages of Gblogs Blog are discussed as below.And hey its free to join us.Lets rock!

Advantages for Bloggers under Gblogs :

1. Clients will give us blogging tasks for 1-3 months on specific field and we will outsource that work to similar field bloggers in our network and this will help you earn some good money on monthly basis.

2. We will sell adspace to private advertisers and will share major chunk of review with you i.e upto 80% share of revenue will be yours .

3. We will give you some review writing posts and you'll be paid for writing the specific post on your blog.

4.Blogs under Gblogs will be given preference for publishing their articles /posts in Blogged [magazine for bloggers]

5. Being a part of Gblogs you will be eligible for upto 50% off on study material on Blogging,Monetizing blogging,blogger hacks or Search engine optimization and Social media Optimization.

6. Your entry in Gblogs will act as Direct entry into nomination for GML Blogger Awards

Visit Gblogs Page OR Register here for free :)

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