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June 13, 2008

Free AVG Antivirus Full Version Download

AVG antivirus seems to have won the confidence of thousands of web surfers around the world, and the confidence of the people who use it seems to be unshakeable.

Split into three sections and a Control Centre, AVG Anti-Virus protects against viruses in a number of key areas. The Resident Shield works in the background and checks all files and file types (including floppy disk, CD content etc.) for viruses, whilst the Email Scanner works with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook.

AVG now comes with a link scanner. It checks search results from sites such as Google to make sure there are no malicious scripts and displays an icon to show the threat level.

The Boot-up Scanner operates at start-up, and checks the most important areas of a PC before you begin to use it. Every aspect of AVG's virus protection can be configured using the Control Centre, which allows you to modify a number of program settings and to schedule scans, among other things.

When installing there's an option to create a rescue disk for use should any of your key system files become infected. All crucial areas and files on a PC are backed up, and can be restored from this disk.


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