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June 22, 2008

Ebay and Paypal gear up for Fraud Protection

ebay paypal It is common for people to be unsatisfied with the products they buy online from ebay, sometimes the you never get what you ordered, or may be what you get isn't what you think you had ordered. Whatever be the case, ebay is ready to refund all such customers who have made payments through PayPal.
For the first time, buyers who pay with PayPal will be protected on eligible transactions for 100 percent of an item's purchase price, with no cap on coverage. In addition, all U.S. eBay sellers will receive improved seller protection for eligible transactions when they are paid through PayPal

PayPal's improved seller protection covers sellers against claims, charge-backs and reversals due to an unauthorized payment or an item that was not received. Under this improved protection, sellers can ship to buyers in markets worldwide where PayPal is accepted and be eligible for protection. PayPal's seller protection is provided without any additional cost, and beginning later this year, PayPal will remove the annual coverage cap.
For PowerSellers, eBay announced a discount program rewarding sellers who consistently provide the best customer experiences, as measured by eBay's Detailed Seller Rating. DSRs are a scorecard that buyers use to rate sellers on a 0-5 scale (five being highest) across four key metrics.
Sellers with DSRs of at least 4.9 across all four categories will receive 20 percent off their final value fees, the commission eBay charges sellers for sold items. Sixteen percent of PowerSellers immediately qualify for the discount, which will appear on July invoices.


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