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May 23, 2008

How to Get Free Adobe Photoshop CS3 + Free Download

UPDATE: Free Zip file for Adobe Photoshop CS3 available for Download here at Gaufire.com
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Free Adobe Photoshop CS3 Download+Full Version

Crack / get / Download Adobe Photoshop CS3 for free of charge over the Internet. It is illegal, But for educational purposes it will be posted here.


  1. Download a Torrent program.
  2. Visit a torrent tracker website or use Google and search for "Adobe Photoshop CS3 Torrent". Don't put torrent on the end of the search unless you're using a regular search engine like Google, Yahoo!, or Windows Live Search.
  3. Click on the appropriate torrent. You should use the one with the most seeds.
  4. Download the torrent.
  5. Open the Torrent Program.
  6. Open the Torrent file with the program.
  7. Wait for it to finish transferring.

  • It is recommended you use a leaked CD key instead of a crack.

  • If you get caught you can be sued.
  • Some Torrents are fake and have viruses. Read the comments for feedback before downloading, and check the file(s) size(s).
  • Some torrent tracker sites contain viruses or spyware. Use the most trusted ones (the ones that come up on Google).

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Free Adobe Photoshop CS3 Download+Full Version

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