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March 16, 2008

Some ease in Vista Not Responding shit!!

Ever since Microsoft came with their tightened up firewall in the present Microsoft OS VISTA...things have become a bit time consuming and fadish[yeah!! i am talking about the screen turning fade with every second firewall yes/no or allow /disallow and the most frequent of them all 'NOT Responding'
Ok, by mistake will playing with Task Manager[Cntrl + Shift + Esc ] and some arbit game i was playing stopped responding. And there i saw a change in Processes tab in Task Manager "WinFault" down in the list. So, if somthing like this happens next time with you, A Not Responding message comes up and your close the application followed by End Now crap...You just open your Task Manager,click on Processes ,scroll down to WinFault and Select it and click on end process....Thats it!!! YOUR PROBLEM SOLVED !!!

Yippeeee...Keep visiting for more!!

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