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March 21, 2008

Save some space using compress folder option in Microsoft Vista

Save some space using compress folder option in Microsoft Vista

Hey...Howzzz going?? As my work is increasing day by day,more and more files to be save...efficient use of memory ie hard disk space is utmost for my systems. The personal system I am using these days is a Dell Laptop with 160 GB hard disk. Alright...now there is an awesome technique to squeez out some important space by going through following three steps...

The basic funda behind getting some extra space is using compress folder technique and the best part its not like zip-unzip....even after compressing the folders you will able to use the folders the similar ways without requiring any extrating or unzipping work.So worth doing it!!

1.Select the folder which you want to squeez and check out its properties. There is an Advance option in it click on it.

2. In advance option,check the compress option and click on Ok and then click on apply....

3. Choose the option to compress folder and subfolders all....and press ok....here it is...The folder will be the same but will now be holding 40% less space than before.

Yippppeeee!!!! Save the Earth .....Save the Memory......Save Money !!!

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