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March 31, 2008

Share Knowledge,Share Profits with GaufireSpeaks Weblogs

GaufireSpeaksWeblogs was started some 8 months back and till date have published over 400 posts and Some $3000/- as revenues making every post worth around 7 and half dollars.So as under 'expansion and more participation' policy we are here by opening a limited time offer for you visitors to share your knowledge[unique technical tips/Software/Cheats/To do/What Not to Do?] with us and can earn upto $5 per article of yours that is published.

Rules: The post should be submitted by 10th April 2008 at gaurav@gaufire.com
Payments will vary from $3 to $5 depending upon commercial viability and usefulness
The published article with become sole property of GaufireSpeaksWeblogs.
Payments will be done via Paypal only.
Post must be less than 250 words
If you have tutorial for something ,you can earn upto 10 to 15 dollars.

For any inquiry : info@gaufire.com

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