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December 10, 2007

Solutions to BSNL DATAONE broadband frequent disconnection problem

Hello folks....Internet now spreading its roots deep n further deep inside the Indian households.BSNL has come up with Broadband service Dataone with really awesome price plans 500 bucks for 1 GB thing....sounds koool...no???
But many of us are facing problems with Dataone service that the Green Light of DSL in broadband modem switches off time to time rendering you off the net for long time afterwards.
So im giving you a solution here which is a by-mistake discovery by in-house research team:-) and its 100% working:
When ever your DSL light goes off...
pick up the phone co-attached to your modem and dial any number and the DSL light will switch ON[blinking]...that moment only you drop back the phone reciever.And reconnect the Broadband connection.Simple!!!
NOTE: DSL light may not switch on in one Dial attempt only..so try 2-3 times and it will work...

Howzzzz that...Do leave your comments and experiences!!!


  1. thank u anonymous..but i had to delete ur comment.;heheh

  2. Thanks alot Gaurav
    You really going great on this blog.Really helpful for me and my brother
    Keep it up!!

  3. hey thats cool man this trick works on tarang man that is WLL phone line

  4. thanks..yea i tried this trick with maself and then only posted it.
    Keep visiting.