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December 08, 2007

Free Mp3 / Music Download from Parent Directory

Here i am posting the server directory links i myself personaly checked and tested.These are background parent directory links from where you can download free mp3 songs starting from alphabet a to z.To download a song go to the directory ,select the song and press the right button and click on save link as option and thats it!! you are done with free song download.
For any specific song request leave your comments.

Directory 1
Directory 2
Directory 3
Big Dj Collection (big collection of various Djs)
Big and Good collection (a to z songs available)---PRESENTLY NOT WORKING
Themes Songs (all famous themes of sitcoms,movies etc)

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Downlaod songs/Mp3 from Parent Directory using right click and save as

CHeck out Gaufree|Music for 30 more music directories


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