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November 03, 2007

IP Spoofing

spoofing is the most exciting topic you will hear wannabe hackers talking about. It is also a subject about which no one knows much. Before we continue I would like to tell you that IP Spoofing is quite difficult to understand and a lot of people have trouble understanding how it is done. The other downside it has is the fact that it can almost not be done using a Windows system and a system administrator can easily protect his system from IP spoofing

IP Spoofing is a trick played on servers to fool the target computer into thinking that it is receiving data from a source other than you. This in turn basically means to send data to a remote host so that it believes that the data is coming from a computer whose IP address is something other than yours. Let’s take an example to make it clear:

Let your IP Address be: (REAL)
Let the IP Address of the Victim computer be: (VICTIM)
Let the IP Address of the system you want data to be sent from: (FAKE)

Normally sitting on the computer whose IP is REAL, the datagrams you send to VICTIM will appear to have come from REAL. Now consider a situation in which you want to send data packets to VICTIM and make him believe that they came from a computer whose IP is FAKE i.e. This is when you perform IP Spoofing.

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