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September 01, 2007

Storm Trojan Ravages YouTube

Eager to spread the Storm Trojan horse virus, hackers now employ a new tactic by trying to trick users into clicking on links posing as YouTube videos. Storm, a.k.a. Peacomm and Nuwar, is the latest nuisance to spread via email, attached with a link that seemingly appears to be a YouTube video. The link disguises itself like a YouTube video link but actually points to a “numeric” URL like the older Storm variants.

To tell if the link contains the dreaded Storm Trojan horse, just hover your cursor over the link and if a numeric IP address shows up rather than the anticipated www.youtube.com, chances are that this is a scam.

If, however, you’ve clicked on the link, you will see a message that claims the video is loading in the background, but in all actuality, an embedded JavaScript routine attempts a cocktail of browser and application exploits. In the event of a “successful” exploit, Storm will be dropped into your PC.


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