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September 01, 2007

Launch of GaufireDirectory™ and GaufireReview™ Services

After a great success of GaufireSpeaks>>Hacking|Cracking|Windows Tips|Free Software|
,We have gained a lot of experience and techniques in how to go about a commercially hit yet usefull blogging.What are the common mistakes that bloggers commit and end up wasting there time in worthless posting.This blog will give you tips regarding

  • Link exchange
  • Give free blog reviews
  • Efficient Blog Design
  • Psychology of a Visitor
  • How to place Google Adsense ads in right place
  • Or how to make/earn money out of your blogging
  • Answer your any queries
  • Tips to increase you increase your search engine rankings
  • Free add Url to GaufireBlogDirectory
  • Technorati stuff
Come and be among the first ones to submit your website/blog to GaufireDirectory™ and get your blog reviewed.Your link and review will get a separate html page.So it will act as a inbound link to your blog and hence good for your goolge ranking and will add up a value of $565 to your blog market value......For more Visit

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