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May 11, 2007

ONLINE ARMOUR- Lets Safeguard Our Computer

Internet is inseparable from computer so is the the threat of virus ,worm or phishing attacks .Thankfully solutions range from free softwares to temporary e-mail Ids.Gaufire Speaks presents a series of post under which various type of internet threats and there prevention methods will be given:
Spy wares
An unwanted software that gets into your computer as a part of a software you may have installed or by duping you into installing it.It uses the processing power of your computer to display ads based on your surfing preferences. This makes your computer slower or vulnerable. Most anti-virus softwares are not powerful enough to eliminate spywares,unless you have purchased an expensive suite. These are free anti-spyware applications that can detect and remove spywares. Two of them are Ad-ware from Lavasoft and Spybot’s Search and destroy. Download here

Next post on Virus/Worms and Trojan prevention

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