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May 10, 2007

Control any computer from your computer!!!( Please Use It ethically)

For last few days i was giving finishing touch to my paper on 'GcomCntrl' -- a unique coding combination which can be used both in Ethical and malicious ways to have a control over others computer say on computer of person u chatting with or your friend or ur computer lieing in ur house and u can monitor ur kids using control over ur computers cam....

Moreover some funny tricks like Opening of CD-Rom,Incresing or Decreasing sound,changing password,starting new task,sending message via VB interface ,turning of other;s comp. etc etc....u can do with ur friend's comp...
Its basically a traditional Trojan attack consiting of A SERVER component [which an attacker installs on his computr] and a client Component ,installed on victims computer or on computer which is to bee controled by You.
So u can transfer this 'Client component' through Auto Run CD,or through Messenger file transfer or by making ur friend to visit a link havng ur client component ready to be installed on website by its own.
So now u require to determine the IP of your victim ie INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY of ur victim....you can find all the differnt tools and tutorial with Case Sudy to do so on the CD of 'GcompCntrl' costing just Rs.2000/- or $50only.
Now u open your installed server component of trojan and put the IP of ur friend in the place mentioned. Now the trojan connects to the computer of your victim and you are ready to do any job u want to do your victims computer

This software will soon be on sale on eBay and Amazon

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  1. This was 2 easy.
    NT Server with no security.
    Credit card info in plain text in the log file
    Hawaiian airlines online and internal reservation system.
    They make it 2 easy