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May 21, 2007

Hacking Yahoo- Vol.2

HEre is the :METHOD 2
------TROJAN PASSWORD STEALER------This is one of the most effective methods of obtainingpasswords at this time.U get a programme named Y! Jacked/mps1.5se/sub7 none of it's many varyations from www.cyberpunkz.com or www.hackerspk.com there are

many trojans n stealers.With this you have to take the main program put it in afolder and generate a trojan that you send via atachment tothe victim's mail box.When that person opens it u will havehi's password.This is a easy to use program joust take caretaht most antivirusez see it as a virus and u shoulden'tget alarmed by that.It has a lot of options that u willunderstand surely if u know english.PROTECTION It's the easyest way to protect ur self don'topen atachments from anybody I can send a mail with anatachment from any mail I want for example It's not smartto open any atachment without a good antivirus

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