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May 20, 2007

Hacking Yahoo- Vol.1.

I will explain in this tutorial how to obtain in difrentways yahoo passwords so that any N00B can understand and doit.It actualy isen't that hard the problem is thet with thepassing of years yahoo security has been getting better andbeter an most proggyes don't work anymore now I willpresent to u the most efective reliable and easy to domethods.After that I will also Informe you on how toprotect your self of thees dangers that go around the internet.

There are total 4 ways to crack/hack Yahoo! I'll discuss one by one.....Ok

METHOD 1------BRUTE FORCING------This is by far the most used method .You can find crackerseverywhere to download .On www.hackerspk.com there are a lotof good cracked downloads.The one for which i sugestR-G-Kracka it's easy to use and works. This is the mostsawed for method but is good for 2 things cracking bootsand when u realy want a password and will spend some timecracking testing and working.For this You have to get A cracker A password list and insome cases a proxy list but I sugest u try a non proxycracker if it's ur first time.This is a basic method and I'm sure that everyone will getit the first time aldough results depend on your passwordlist.
PROTECTION It's simple get a very long password with asciand numbers the most hard and long password that a bruteforcer will have trouble cracking and getting to is thelast of all asci letters and numbers the last password anormal brute forcew of let's say 10 chars will be"zzzzzzzz9!" thsi password will be the last one it will tryto crack.

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