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May 31, 2013

How to learn - iPhone App Development if you know PHP, Python or Ruby

I recently found a post on Hacker News 

Show HN: My first iOS app - Soundtribe - 45 second sound clips with filters

And I asked the developer following question : 

Question: Just to make this more useful for me & other readers who have been doing web developing with php/python/ruby etc, what will be your advice regarding how to get started with iOS development to build our first working app?

Answer: Big Nerd Ranch Guide: iOS Programming -- This book was well worth the investment. Go through the chapters and do the exercises. After you start to feel somewhat comfortable, try testing your creativity by taking some of the code you've written and making something unique.
Example: The book teaches you how to make a quiz app where you store questions and answers in two arrays and use two buttons to display each.
My variation on this was an app that helped me measure how much water I was drinking each day. I had an increment and a decrement button. The goal was to get to 8 glasses. Each time I got closer to the goal a motivational message popped up.

This enabled me to use some of the code I was familiar with, but also change it slightly enough to where I could venture into new territory. -- To me this is the best way to get your first apps going.