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March 07, 2012

Pinpuff - Klout for Pinterest to calulate your Pinfluence and Pin worth

Pinpuff ... Klout for Pinterest Scores Your Influence and Popularity

Score Your Pinterest Influence & Popularity
Web app Pinpuff measures your influence on Pinterest and gives you a score out of 100 based on your followers, who you’re following, yours boards, pins, likes and comments. It was made in India by 20-year-old computer science undergrad Ammrita Sharma, who is a self-declared Pinterest addict.
Score Your Pinterest Influence & Popularity
Once you’ve entered your Pinterest username, Pinpuff measures your popularity, influence, reach, and also decides the monetary value of your pins and the traffic your pins generate. Sharma explained to Penn Olson:
Depending upon the quality of sharing and followers, the monetary value of each pin is calculated. Monetary value is calculated keeping in mind the ROI that can be extracted if a brand is involved and is paying for pins. This again is developed through lots of underground tests for quite some time.
Pinpuff is currently in private beta and the first 10000 users will get exclusive invites to try out their experiments with Pinterest well before it is opened for all.
Link to Pinpuff