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February 22, 2012

Tips to Get Free Traffic on your blog and Video Views

So you have thousands of Zuvvu plastic points and few dozen gold points? Now what?
Yes, now you can use these points to create ads for your own blogs, websites, videos or pinterest boards – FOR FREE. And you will pay for this traffic through your plastic points.
Or, those who don’t have enough points can earn these points with ease. A win-win situation for all our users and Zuvvu.

How it works?

Go to ‘Create Free Ad’ page – here
  1. You create an ad for your blog or website for 1 Gold Point. (Refer a Friend to Earn Gold Point)
  2. Once your campaign is approved, your ad will be visible on every user’s dashboard.
  3. Whenever a Zuvvu user clicks on your ad, your plastic points will get deducted and the visitor will earn equal amount of points.
  4. You can click on others ads too, to earn plastic points.
Free Traffic from Zuvvu
Create Free Ad Campaign - Use Zuvvu Plastic Points and Gold Points

Screenshot of User Dashboard
Screenshot of User Dashboard

Closer Look at "Ad Offers by Zuvvu USers" block on Dashboard
Closer Look at "Ad Offers by Zuvvu USers" block on Dashboard

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