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January 06, 2012

Zuvvu launches International Campus Business Manager’2012 Program for Under Graduate Students | PRLog

Zuvvu launches International Campus Business Manager’2012 Program for Under Graduate Students | PRLog

Zuvvu is looking for 50 Social Media Super Star Students from around the globe as Campus representatives. These 50 selected students will be called Zuvvu50 Campus Business Manager 2012. This a great opportunity to represent Zuvvu, have some fun and gain experience that will last for life time.

This is a position that takes energy, determination, enthusiasm, commitment, and passion. It takes an understanding of Social media advertising and the ability to spread the Zuvvu message. It takes a leader — someone who can inspire peers, collaborate with campus organizations, and get things done. This is more than just a college job. It’s a chance to grow, and to get your resume off to an incredible start.

Representing Zuvvu in your College:
Endorsing Zuvvu in your campus-You’ll be a Star brand ambassador for Zuvvu.

Organizing Seminars/ Meet-ups: Introduce Zuvvu to your College Mates through presentations and seminars – What Zuvvu is ? How Zuvvu is helpful to everyone?

Coming up with cool ideas : Since you are an important part of our campus team, your suggestions will help us make Zuvvu more interesting and interactive.

Explaining Zuvvu’s Rules & Regulations: Create Facebook groups or blog to help people understand the rules and regulations of Zuvvu. Interact with users to solve their issues related to Zuvvu. We expect you to showcase your problem solving abilities.

Organizing events: Organize events in your college to promote Zuvvu. Creative events like Tech trivia, Tech quiz, Logo Designing,Web designing can be held. Debates on Social Media, Seminars on Social Media and Entrepreneurship, Games in fests to promote Zuvvu. This will help you enhance your event management skills.

Benefits of Being A Campus Business Manager
1.You will be one in the 50 Zuvvu Campus Business Managers - only the coolest and influential students selected from over 1000 colleges in US, Europe, Japan, Singapore and India. In short, be a Star in your Campus
2.Certificates and Free Goodies (T-Shirts, Hoodies, Caps, Mugs) for all and Smart Phones/iPods for the top performers every semester
3.A big bold point in your CV that will help you with MBA Admission and Campus Placement
4.Option to join Zuvvu as a full time Team Member (or like others call it Full Time Job) or as an intern
5.Better communication and sales skills
6.Perfect experience for all who want to be an Entrepreneur in future

Apply now before 15th January 2012 - http://zuvvu.com/about/apply.php

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