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January 27, 2012

How to make money with Zuvvu Widgets - Best CPM Ad

Zuvvu offers its users two useful widgets -
1. Social media page rank
2. Tweet worth for every twitter user
In addition to exclusivity of our algorithms and user engagement, Zuvvu is also paying per impression for putting this widget on your blog. Yes!! Earn per impressions.
How to get these Widgets and earn money? 
  1. Create a widget (very easy, just add widget name and select widget type)
  2. You get a code, paste that on your blog where you want to show your widget
  3. Our team will evaluate your blog and place where you have placed the widget. If approved, a cost per 1000 impressions rate will be fixed
  4. You start earning – No clicks required to earn
  5. Every month your earnings will be credited to your Zuvvu earnings and will be sent to your via Paypal or Cheque.
  6. Minimum Zuvvu earnings to get paid is just $5. (Again very easy)
How much can I earn?
You get paid per impression i.e. if you put our widget on your blog and you get 200 or 2000 or 1 million visits on your blog or website, you get paid for every visit on your blog.
Earning depends upon two things :
  1. Quality of blog or website
  2. Category of Blog/Website
  3. Number of new users we are getting from widget on your blog
If we are able to sell any ad on the widget on your blog, your CPM rate and earnings will also improve.
CPM rates range from $0.01 to $5 per 1000 impressions. So, if you get 1 million page views per month, you can earn upto $5,000 per month.

Source : Zuvvu Blog