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November 03, 2010

Support Gaurav , WCI Top 20, for becoming World's coolest Intern

So now then I am shortlisted among top 20 finalists for StanChart's World's coolest intern, the competition has become more stiffer and hard. Hence, I need your support this internship is all about social media and nothing is social without friends.

So How can you help me?

1. Just write a tweet to " @gaufire @stanchartbreeze " that why I should win the competition or why do you think i deserve this tag.

Hints :
1. I am a successful entrepreneur in the field of social media -Click to Tweet this
2. I am innovative and technically brilliant and have created a twitter advertising platform - Click to Tweet this
3. I am funny, witty and can create viral campaigns in no time - Click to Tweet this
4. I am married to social media. - Click to Tweet this

2. Share this post on your facebook account, follow me on twitter and add me as your friend on facebook

3. Give me ideas what else can be done on this :)

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