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October 26, 2010

[Very Critical & Important] Beware of Recent GMAIL phishing attacks

Phishing is a technique of faking as original service to get user details

If you get some mail from GMAIL ACCOUNT securevertification@gmail.com then please report that mail as phishing attack. Google will never ask for your login details especially for your password so whenever any mail demands for your password, please report it. Its very easy and also important to mark such mails PHISHING ATTACK because this way you will be saving all those from losing their accounts to hackers who don't know about this attack.

In the above pic you can see, that hacker has sent a mail with NAME as serviceverification@gmail.com from EMAIL Address :    

So its really easy to detect any phishing attack this way. 

Look at below pic to find out how to report phishing attack:

I hope you will take care of such attacks and will also pass on the message about the same to your friends. You may share this post on Facebook or mail to your friends.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. You are right about Gmail or any other companies would NEVER ask their users to provide them with their login information because in the first place, they have it on their database! haha Besides, anyone could create an account with Gmail and this email doesn't look like some really legit email from the Gmail team. Good one!