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October 21, 2010

How to Write a Complain mail to a courier company?

If you are a student and you are applying for any program in XYZ university, Courier people play a big roles to make this process smooth (at times they do exactly opposite to it).
So in my case, Courier company screwed up. 24th Oct is the last date for submission of application and they haven't delivered it yet despite sending the application 2 weeks prior to the deadline. So I searched for some strong complain mails across the internet but couldn't find any and had to write it on my own. Thankfully, it turned out to be a good mail. Hence sharing it with you guys, hope it will help you in the times of anger and frustration against your Courier company :) Please add any spice you want to add to it, I will definitely keep on updating this post with your suggestions and tips :) Make share no F-ck word or S-ck word used.

To Customer Support

I am writing this mail with a hope that you won't behave with this mail in the same fashion you have behaved with my last 14 calls that I made in last 10 hours.
Directly coming to the point, I couriered my application form to Awesome University, Boston, USA through your company's Manchester office and it reached London on 15th Oct as per the tracking site. And as per the same tracking website, its still lying there in London only. May I know when will my courier reach its designated destination because its already very late now and I'll have to bear the consequences of delayed delivery. Please make it fast else I won't have any other option but to go to the Consumer court for suitable compensation.

Hope you won't have much problems with delivering my courier to Awesome University, Boston, USA at the earliest because I think that is what your supposed to be job is.

Yours beloved customer
S.H.Ovit upurass

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