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October 27, 2008

Google shifts from Pages to Sites

Most of you must be aware of the pages.google.com service by Google that not only gave a 100 mb space to store files but also provide a neat and clean interface to create small websites.Seeing the success of the idea,Google has launched a better and more customizable and useful platform to create websites online from its Google Sites service.I see this service a big threat to Yahoo's Geocities and Microsoft's Live services and not to forget the numerous free hosting websites will be a big victim of this Big Daddy of Internet
So how to proceed:

1. Go to Google Sites

2.Fill up a simple form with fields about website name,address,about the site,open to all or only few and then some good themes.

3.There is no third step...Your website is launched.Just feed the content.

I would like to share my views on this service is that Google is mother of all monoplies,they have maximum number of blogs under their own service Blogger,they control a good amount of burnt feeds through Feedburner ,they have biggest Video and Images database.And now they gonna control the websites too.But the bad part of the SITE service is that templates are not much customizable and it will act as more of a spamming of net which we all are fed up of.Already people are complaining about falling standards of Google Search.But again Google is Google...
I am a bit scared of the day when Google will openly declare its MONOPLY ON INTERNET -AN Important constituent of your life.

So if you want to have a website for some serious business or organization then Google Sites is not for it.

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