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June 22, 2008

Social Bookmarking - What i have learnt about it till now

Hi folks , I m into blogging for some good time now. I am co-author for over 18 blogs and have done SEO and SMO for many and many blogs and websites till now.The thing that has proved to be promising esperiment-able and researchable id SOCIAL BOOKMARKING.
So here in this post i am going to tell you some good tips and some good useful social bookmarking websites that can do wonders for any blog/website if used in proper way.And will tell you difference between different social bookmarking websites and suggested ranking.
So whats social bookmarking?? Its like writing about a product you selling on wall in a market where others also writing about their products.So the consumers or customers or in real sense the visitors roaming around in the websphere or you say market will look at this wall to find whats interesting and will visit your product i.e Blog/Website.
Social bookmarking is not a rocket science.You just have to add link of the post, some few lines about it and the keywords or tags and submit it.
Now your page is bookmarked socially,means others can also see what pages you have bookmarked and may visit the links too.
Naming few of the best bookmarking sites world using Digg , Stumbleupon , Humsurfer , IndiaPad , Reddit , Bloglines , Del.icio.us etc

What you get out of social bookmarking:

  • Traffic! Traffic ! Traffic
  • Free Advertising
  • Backlinks or Traffic through searches
  • Subscribers and followers to your blog
  • Username indexed on search engines
Some tips to use these bookmarking for best results

  • Try to be the first one to post the specific article or news on these sites
  • Add easy bookmarking links to your blog like Addthis or Feedflare
  • Use catchy headings for posting on Social bookmarking sites
  • Write a good summary - short and to the point and interesting
  • Post only 'viral' information
  • Carefully select the category and keywords of articles or post you submitting
  • Do take care of the time you posting something on Social Bookmarking website.Try to post all the stories /articles during the hours when traffic on internet is at its peak.
  • Make friends on Bookmarking sites.This really helps in long run
  • Once you have started doing bookmarking using different sites,analyse your incoming visitors data and findout which bookmarking website giving the best results and which one giving the lowest.Workupon the one not giving good results.
  • Check out how popular posts on social bookmarking sites posted or written
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Social Bookmarking sites ranking

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  1. thanks gaurav,very useful info fr beginner bloggers looking to make their blog stand out .. plz b putting up more secrets of ur trade coz u have had so many visitors.. hw does dat happen?