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June 11, 2008

Open Closed TAB in IE7

I have had this nagging problem for long while using the Internet Explorer 7. I open countless number of tabs in IE 7, and when I get irked with the cluttering, I close them in a hurry, just to realize I have closed a window I may have reached through like a hundred sites of linking. In firefox it was never a problem, and a simple CNTRL+SHIFT+T would solve it there. But not the case in IE 7. So after determined searching on the world wide web for a solution for this headache in IE 7, voila ...

There are some added features as well to this version of the 'solution' . . . :
  • Added a “Find” feature that searches the title and url of all previously closed tabs and only shows those that contain what you searched for, in the “Quick Tab Style View”.
  • Added a messagebox to verify the clearing of tab history from the toolbar button.
  • Added logging capabilities to help troubleshoot issues (disabled by default).
  • Changed the “More Previously Closed Tabs Available…” to be bold, to stand out on the context menu rather than looking like a website name.
  • Decreased tab closing time due to inefficiency with html document size.
  • Removed straggler message boxes (they now are logged, if enabled

Download it at : http://www.muvextoe.com/release/muvextoe-openlastclosedtab.exe

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