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June 17, 2008

Microsoft ties up with YuMe for video advertising

Gaufire microsoftMicrosoft may have a market cap of over $268 billion, but the corporation isn't an expert in every field. So, whenever Microsoft isn't able to sell video ad inventory, a new agreement will have its friend YuMe step in to handle the task.It's interesting that Microsoft didn't just acquire YuMe; the two have worked together before, making matters of long-term usefulness and trust look like less of an issue than usual. But for whatever reason (perhaps YuMe's backers see an even brighter future for the comparatively small company), this agreement was reached instead, and the deal should take effect this summer.
Rob Bennett, Microsoft's general manager of MSN Entertainment, Video & Sports, explained the basic idea, stating, "YuMe offers the ability to connect additional ad networks to its platform, and we plan on utilizing this service to provide YuMe and other ad networks access to Microsoft's unsold video inventory."

For its part, YuMe claims to have a network of over 400 websites and reach something in the neighborhood of 120 million unique visitors.


YuMe is the first dedicated broadband video advertising network built from the ground up that offers a brand safe advertising experience that can be delivered to any device – PC, TV, mobile and more – whether streamed or downloaded.

YuMe co–founders Jayant Kadambi and Ayyappan Sankaran realized early on that a strong broadband and IP–based video ad monetization infrastructure did not exist. Whereas today’s video advertising solutions are incremental modifications of existing text and banner networks, Ayyappan and Jayant recognized that video is fundamentally different and in order to properly monetize, transport, traffic and reliably report against video, a new type of advertising network was necessary. YuMe is a privately held company backed by Khosla Ventures, Accel Partners, BV Capital and DAG Ventures. YuMe is headquartered in Redwood City, CA.

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