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June 20, 2008

ICQ 6 - A must download instant messenger

A cool easy substitute to Yahoo messenger , MSN messenger and Gtalk.
All new and powered ICQ 6 Instant messenger for free download.

ICQ was the first in its league, I say it was the real and the best possible beginning of the instant messaging age. 12 years have passed since it's first version was brought out in the public, and even uptil now it manages to give several other instant messaging services a tough time.

It's ICQ 6 provides users with an innovative communication experience and enables quick and simple interaction among users across all communication platforms. ICQ 6 offers the entire suite of digital and mobile communication tools available today, all integrated seamlessly in a single message window. ICQ 6 boasts an entirely new client infrastructure and a completely redesigned UI along with a fresh look and feel.

Why ICQ6 has won the hearts of millions:

- Quick IM--enabling users to send messages to contacts without opening a message window.

- Easy access simple navigation between incoming messages.

- Tabbed conversations--management of all active conversations in one message window by using tabs.

-History--new and improved search history of messages, files, and calls.

- Search capabilities--advanced and easy-to-use search through contacts, on ICQ, and on the web.

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